Guards for work in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast with guard’s certificate required. Salary from 1700 to 2200 rubles a day, depending on the object category. (Working hours: daily shift) Contacts: 8(901)-373-23-61, 9732361



We offer a job or a side-job of a guard and selling area administrator in a retail store network
working hours from 9-00 to 21-00
license is not required
Control of selling area
Thefts and conflicts prevention in selling area
Control over goods safety
Open vacancies in city districts:
Kolpino City
Rybatskaya Metro Station
Ploshchad Lenina Metro Station
Park Pobedy Metro Station
Narvskaya Metro Station
Avtovo Metro Station
Akademicheskaya Metro Station
Sadovaya Metro Station
Udelnaya Metro Station
Chyornaya Rechka Metro Station
Mezhdunarodnaya Metro Station
Grazhdanskiy Prospekt Metro Station

official employment

phone +79650005959 Andrew



Job of a 4-6 category guard
vacancies in different districts of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast
daily posts with 1|3, 1|2, 2|2 shifts
semi-daily (afternoon, night) posts with 5|2,4|2, 3|3, 2|3, 2|2,1|1,1|2, 1|3 shifts
Objects with various difficulty category, work place in clean and heated premises