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Quick Arrival at any Point

The operator of a monitoring station of Topaz Security Agency is ready to receive alarm
signal from the object situated in any point of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast and send a Rapid Response Group to the object 24/7.

Topaz Security Agency possesses one of the largest response services and a well-developed
partner network, using modern technical equipment and vehicles.
It helps to provide minimum arrival time and maximum efficiency at the object.

7 minutes

On receiving the alarm signal, we send that particular armed group to the object, which
is able to arrive quicker. In this regard, we take into account a range of factors, such as the road
situation on the way to the object, the location of the group, etc.

In average, the time of the group arrival amounts to 7 minutes.

On arrival the group examines the object and blocks the exits. After that the group waits
for the owner to conduct the examination of the premises and take further collective measures.