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Any public event may be subjected to criminal intentions: terrorism, political struggle, unfair competition, international tension, etc. Gathering of a crowd, including VIP-persons may become an Achilles’ heel. How to create an efficient safety system of a public event? How to minimize potential risks? How to provide tranquility for the visitors? Topaz Security Agency has amassed a wealth of experience in security of dozens public events in Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. We have created a reliable interaction system between the Ministry of the Interior, the Federal Security Service and the Ministry of Civil Defense and Emergency Response. Our Company’s employees pass regular trainings, preparing them to combat new threats, which may occur on such events.
 Moreover, Topaz Security Agency, being an organization with a high level of social responsibility, was an initiator and organizer of a range of sport and cultural events in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast. The experience, achieved on such events, allowed us to form our own point of view on the interaction with the organizers of such events, which provides an exceedingly high level of cooperation and understanding between the employees of our Security Agency and the organizers of public events.

Topaz Security Agency fulfills the following functions on public events:

- familiarization with the security object, preliminary and main clearing operation on the object before the event;

- contact with the police and the agreement about interaction and support, if it is required, and about the perpetrator bringing to the police;

- prevention of weapons, explosives, inflammables, toxic agents, drugs, heavy objects and stones smuggling to the security object;

- organizers and invited celebrities security;

- public order control on the neighboring territory;

- applying first medical aid to the injured, if required;

- clearing operation on the object after the event.