Our Mission

Topaz Security Agency Chief Executive OfficerAs market relationships in our country are dynamically developing, security becomes an integral part of each company’s activity. Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast are attractive not only for business, but also for criminals.

Thus, the services rendered by Private Security Agencies have become a reasonable way out for businessmen. Hundreds of Topaz Security Agency clients have already chosen our company, one of the largest security agencies of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast with an impeccable reputation and exceedingly high level of service.
Main profiles of our company are the following security services:

Complex Security of various difficulty categories (educational and medical institutions, offices and cottage estates, trade and entertainment centers, construction sites).

Technical facilities installation (security alarm systems and video control systems), which provide complex security services rendering, including both: physical security and modern technical facilities, common in Russia and abroad.

During the years of activity, Topaz Private Security Agency (PSA) amassed a wealth of experience in complex security systems of various difficulty categories. It allows to render security services at an exceedingly high professional level, effectively resist robberies, latent thefts and protect the owner from unfair partners, illegal takeovers of property and other external threats.

However, our security agency doesn’t rest on its laurels. We continue to develop new profiles, expand the volumes of services rendered and enhance the professional level of our employees, consequently improving our services quality.

Topaz Private Security Agency (PSA) possesses a highly qualified managing and executive staff. Our agency’s personnel form a solid team of highly qualified professionals with rich working experience in special services and law enforcement agencies.

It is our personnel which is the main advantage of our security agency, providing company’s stable development and fulfillment of our (PSA) obligations to the Customers. Topaz PSA employees stand out on the security services market, because of tough professional screening, regular skill improvement and rich working experience in security agencies and special services.

Our company has a large number of favorable reviews, highly appreciating the level of our services on the Customer’s property security and protection of life and health of the Customer’s employees.

Each object is secured to the object security officer and the inspection service controls the staff at the local level. Duty officer service and mobile rapid response groups work 24 hours.

Various objects security is impossible without modern technical security systems. Topaz Private Security Agency (PSA) offers the following technical security systems to its Customers: security alarm system, alarm button, fire alarm system, perimeter security system, video control system, access control system.

Topaz Private Security Agency employees bear special responsibility, while rendering security services. That is why our Private Security Agency (PSA) involves only the professionals who passed special screening and special training course.

To render security services, our PSA specialist conducts a preliminary analysis of the object by agreement with the Customer. After achieving the results of the analysis, the Customer gets a business proposal, including the aims of the object security, a recommended scheme of security posts location, specifying the working hours of each post and the number of guards, the functional duties on the posts and technical and economic security services cost rationalization for the Customer.

Rendering security services, PSA provides a mobile group arrival (in case of emergencies at the object), duty shift management by the object security officer, consulting and advising on lawful protection from unlawful encroachments to the Customer at its own expense.

Topaz Private Security Agency provides an individual approach to the client’s problems, flexible price policy and convenient form of payment.