If you wish to order an individual security project for Your real estate,
please, contact us:
8 (812) 973 23 61
8 (911) 929 23 61
8 (812) 784 34 30 or leave an application and we will send you a proposal, according to the required set of services and equipment.
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Object analyzing before security alarm system installation

Topaz Security Agency specialists conduct thorough examination of Your premises.
According to the results of this expert evaluation the optimal complex of security measures
preventing robberies or offences on Your object is designed. Moreover,
You are offered additional security options, such as inflammation and water alarm, etc.

Security alarm system installation

The installation usually requires just about 3 hours. During this period of time
time the specialists of our Company install the equipment, fill in the documents,
familiarize You with the system and show how to use it.

Topaz Security Agency provides only modern wireless equipment,
which is easy to install and of universal design. You don’t have to worry
about harmonic look of Your interior and cleanness of the premises after the installation.

After the security alarm system installation, a Rapid Response Group arrives
to the object to get familiar with special features of its location and access
communications and to design the blocking scheme.

Security alarm system is connected to our monitoring station, where monitoring is conducted 24/7. When the
first alarm signal is received, Rapid Response Group is sent to the object.